About Us


Havenshade was founded with double-sided intent. First, to give back to our environment, especially in response to the heightened levels of pollution present in cherished beaches.

What Else?

Secondly, we hope to provide a stylish alternative for standard sun protection. Pairing traditional shapes with modern uses of color, texture and quality finishes, each piece creates true style moments steeped in nostalgia and crafted for limitless possibility. Creative yet effortlessly stylish pieces pepper each collection, taking the wearer from day to night, poolside to sea-side, and more.

Made to be VERSATILE - From Sea to Street

Each product we offer is curated with you in mind. A day can consist of countless stops and we want to provide a hat that can always come with, wherever life takes you. You can see this endeavor present in each of our designs offered in the collection.

The Mission


The 5% Rule

Giving back to the environment that constantly grants us wonder and adventure, is what Havenshade holds most dear. We exercise this belief and mission by guaranteeing 5% of every purchase to Ocean Conservancy. We also plan to organize collection specific partnerships with conservation non-profits and preserve organizations across the globe.

Our Materials

Attract the Spotlight, Safely